And the Winner is…..

And the Winner is…..

Our students were asked to write on the college’s respect writing prompt for this semester’s competition. Ten students entered their final drafts into the contest and the results are in.

Drum roll, please!

The winners of the Yavapai College Adult Education Spring 2017 Writing Contest are:

3rd Place: Respect and the Individual by Alyssa Wohlwend, Prescott Valley

2nd Place: What Does it Mean to Have Respect? by Tonatiuh Malanos-Rodriguez, Verde Valley


the first place Essay, winning a full GED scholarship is…

See Me by Rose Vasquez, Prescott!

Congratulations, Rose, and a big thank you to all who participated!


Photo Credit: Congratulations! by nutmeg66 on Flickr; used under Creative Commons License.

What does it mean to have respect?

What does it mean to have respect?

Having respect means being tolerant of all people and their various behaviors and lifestyles with which we may not always agree. Respect means having an understanding of the way other people go about their lives, and not harshly judging their beliefs and world views. Respect means being compassionate towards all those who have known struggle and grief. Respect means treating our teachers, elders, friends, family, and opponents, with dignity.

Now why should we show respect to others whom we may dislike, or whom we may not understand? The answer is simple: It’s the right thing to do. Part of being a well-adjusted adult is learning how to relate in a peaceful manner with those with whom we disagree. And if we show other people respect, we are teaching them how to then respond in turn.

A dilemma we face today, is that many people are showing a lack of respect towards those who are different. There is bullying, name-calling, fear-mongering and ostracism. These heinous acts of cruelty and prejudice are fueled by xenophobia, which has often been passed down through generations. At the root of it, there is great misunderstanding, ignorance, and latent hatred. These people let fear and rage cloud their judgment. They antagonize and criticize the people by whom they are intimidated.

To remedy this situation, we need to find common ground. In politics, the Democrats and the Republicans are two sides of the same coin. Both are on the side of freedom and justice – although each comes from opposite positions and has its own distinct and differing ideas. Still, they both share the same coin – that of patriotism. And so, each should respect the other’s right to express its own opinions. In the case of religious disputes, for example, between Christians and Muslims, though sometimes there is great animosity, the common ground is a firm faith in God.

We need to look within ourselves to find our greatest common ground: that we are all human beings. We need to put aside our differences, and instead, recognize our similarities. We all breathe the same air. We all bleed the same blood. We all feel love, joy, and sadness. We are all in this together. In these times, now, more than ever, we truly need to promote respect and acceptance.

Respect is a vital part of life. It helps to keep people in harmony, thus creating a peaceful, compassionate and accepting society. It helps us to make connections to people from other cultures, to expand our understanding and our field of view. Respect is treating people, even those with whom we disagree profoundly, with tolerance and decorum. In the words of inspirational speaker, Steve Maraboli, “How would your life be different if you stopped making negative judgmental assumptions about people you encounter? Let today be the day you look for the good in everyone you meet, and respect their journey.”


Tonatiuh Malanos-Rodriguez


Photo Credit: Respect by Chris Campbell on Flickr; used under Creative Commons License.

Treat Others the Way You Want to be Treated

Treat Others the Way You Want to be Treated

Respect is something that so many people in this country have forgotten about, or have been

completely careless to care about.  Our country was founded on respect and freedom to be who we

choose to be. With the freedom we have should come great respect. Freedom is all about being who

you are no matter what race, enthic, language, cultural group, religion or political stance. We should

look at people the way our Fore-Fathers viewed them. That is as people who have the right to be who

they choose. Skin color or race should not define a person’s character or soul. Who are we to judge

them when the truth is their soul is just as precious as ours. We should respect others around us the

way we want to be respected.

Respect is looking at a person with a humble heart and realizing “ I am no better than them.”

It’s realizing the own flaws about ourselves before we are so quick to point out flaws in others.  Every

human being on the planet is so unique in their own way. What if everyone started looking and

observing people for who they are as a person., instead of judging them by outer appearance or what

they stand for? Sure we might not always see eye to eye with others but we should respect them

enough to realize they have the right to be them, the same right I have to be me. Look at yourself first

, examine your own heart, and realize you to have the right to be you choose so go and respect others

because they have the right to be who they are.

By, Amara Mitea


Photo Credit: respect by Patrick Marione on Flickr; used under Creative Commons license.

Respect on the Streets

Respect on the Streets


This is a very difficult subject for me because I have never known respect. Growing up I guess we respected my grandparents by watching what we said, and never smoking in front of my grandmother. In my mother’s house everyone just screamed and yelled, my mom has the mouth of a sailor, and used it often towards my stepdad. My “father” was no better, whenever he came around he was always rude, and disrespectful towards both my parents. Being the oldest of 8 I was in charge of teaching my siblings what was missing from “normal” human interaction. At 17 my mom had my respect as did the first man I ever came to love ,but at 17and 37 once he found out that I had lied about my age a week before my 18th birthday ,kissed me good bye and killed himself with a Heroin over dose. December 2007, I meet the only man I thought I would ever be with for the rest of my life, and the first person to ever show me any real respect. He listened to my thoughts, I kept him free from the cops. He said “I love you more than the moon and the stars in the sky.” Over a decade we showed respect for each other the wrong way, between the drugs, and the alcohol we were the perfect mess, he broke my nose, I cut his hand, we choked each other out several times in 8 years. My blood was shed in front of our then 1 year old son. Then later that year we got married it was not long before we were divorced. So no I don’t know what society’s standards of respect mean.

Ashley Hensley


Photo Credit: Respect by Sebastiano Pitruzzello on Flickr; used under Creative Commons License.



Respect isn’t just a Word, in the dictionary.
It’s who you are as a person, dignify yourself with respect,
You got to treat people next to you, in front, behind you with respect.

Everyone gets only so many chances to show respect,
If person doesn’t have respect,
How? Do you even consider them Respectful?
Showing the right people, actually just everybody, with respect,
It can go a pretty long way. To be honest!
Show Family, Friends, People you meet, talk to with Respect
Sincerely, Dylan

Photo Credit: Respect Will Grow by Thomas Hawk on Flickr; used under Creative Commons License.

Be a friend to people who visit U.S.A

Be a friend to people who visit U.S.A

Befriending meeting them we Americans are friends with all people who are foreign  especially

to Chinese people. Maybe  they want to be treated like everyone else of maybe they want to

make friends, so that it’s important to be nice to people

Here in America we have a lot of backgrounds of Indians  lands culture white people, black people  We also got people  from France, India, Japan,  Mexico,  South America,  Africa. It’s a big country

In America you should also be nice to people who are from another country and say Hello!

It’s interesting I think it’s the people who come from another country I would be thankful  for people who I meet by chance might be from in another country

by Murphy Malone

Photo Credit: Respect by Thomas Hawk on Flickr; used under Creative Commons License

Types of Respect

Types of Respect

Hi my name’s Ashlee and I’m going to tell you what respect means to me. There are different types of respect there’s envy respect which is you look up to the person or envy them. There’s fear respect where you fear the person so you respect them and there genuine respect where you value someone and their opinions. So respect to me comes in all shapes and forms to one another. You are responsible for yourself and only yourself as a person. A person has to have respect for themselves in order to have respect for someone else. Although you disagree with someone if you have respect for yourself you can disagree with someone and continue to be cordial with them. For example if you were raised in an abusive house and you grew up with your mother who was an addict and father was an alcoholic they always fought and put you in the middle of it. Mother always misplaced her things and then accused you of stealing those things and when she found them never apologized to you for accusing you. You lose a lot or respect for your mom. Your fathers an alcoholic that left his family since your mothers crazy! You don’t talk to him for years and when you do he tries to tell you how to live your life you’re not going to listen to him since he left. You have so much built up resentments toward him! Your mom your entire life said he didn’t want anything to do with you but that’s not the case he wanted nothing to do with her and she wouldn’t let him see you. That being you decide to give him respect for trying and making the effort now that your old enough to understand. Respect isn’t given its earned!  You have to learn to respect and love yourself before you can respect anyone else. Everyone has their own beliefs and respect is different for everyone this is what respect is to me. Thank you for taking the time to read this have a great day!


Photo Credit: Respect by Andra Brinzaniuc on Flickr; used under Creative Commons license.