Cherish Not Perish

Cherish Not Perish

Whats with the subliminal resources

Completely lost with unforgiven chambers

You will perish as we go through our courses

As you go about with evil gamblers

Life itself is nowhere

To be found

Truth is here so they

Send the hounds

Everyone is dead while they cherish


Everything is beyond reality

Knowing it is a ticket

To the upstairs where we find Everywhere

No such thing as pain

Spirits instead of my brain

The Good have worked beyond chores

So we all know the poor

Thanks to War, Death, and Dead

We know to listen to our Family and Friends

by Hayden Lamb


Photo Credit: America by Thomas Hawk on Flickr; used under Creative Commons License.

My Great Uncle James       

My Great Uncle James       

From the first time you ever set eyes on me, to when I was a little girl who used to sit on your knee, to that wonderful laugh you always gave and that gleam  in your eyes that over the years I’ve watched fade, you’ve shared your home, your heart, your everything. When I ran away as a child, needed a cigarette and a smile you you never turned me away, even as your dark hour came nearer I knew you would always be there,and when you finally needed me I helped with the best of me, trying to keep that wonderful smile and rewarding laugh, spirits high and peace of mind I’m glad that I got to say “good bye” with a kiss on the check and an “I love you”, even though you were lost I knew you knew me then too.

by Ashley Hensley


Photo Credit: Family by Kat Grigg on Flickr; used on Creative Commons license.

Lucky Number?

Did you ever wonder what happens when math teachers try to write poetry? Wonder no more! Lucky Number? Seven isn’t my lucky number. Seven is complicated, undisciplined, impossible to predict. Now ten, ten is mannerly and meek, Sweet home-schooled child of the number family. Ten perches properly in his seat, with one hand aloft, […]

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Things Alyssa Wohlwend Likes

Things Alyssa Wohlwend Likes

And a third student from Prescott Valley got her list-poem published! Congrats to Alyssa!

Things We Like

  1. Seeing improvement in the children’s play I am directing
  2. The satisfied feeling when I finish editing the last photo from a long photo shoot
  3. Seeing my new white Toyota Camry, all shiny and clean, parked in my dirt driveway
  4. The smell of rain mixed with dirt when you step outside on a monsoon evening
  5. The sound of coffee brewing as I wake up in the morning
  6. The wind in my face during a brisk walk on a bright, sunny spring day!
  7. Listening to my favorite singer, Ernie Haase, as I get ready for the day
  8. The peace and joy that is felt in presence of God during a worship service on a Sunday morning in church
  9. Curling up with a soft blanket and cup of hot chocolate on a cloudy and stormy day
  10. The excitement and anticipation leading up to my first elk hunt this fall

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Things Nate Umbower Likes

Woohoo! Another Prescott Valley student has been published on the site Congrats, Nate!

Things We Like

  1. Playing first base in the warm weather
  2. Working with my brother Jeremiah at a moving company
  3. Playing catch with my dog, Panda, in a big field at Mountain Valley Park
  4. Cooking bread for my household
  5. Hanging out with my friends, Matthew and Melina, on a warm day in July
  6. Going swimming with my family on a hot day
  7. Going to the park with my nephews Jeremiah and Dominic
  8. Having big barbecues with my family in August
  9. Playing video games on my PS3 with my buddy Robert
  10. Playing “The Game of Life” with my little sister Haylee on a cold day in December

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Things Mason Brilliant Likes

One of our GED student’s list-poem was published on the site,! Woohoo! Congratulations, Mason!

Things We Like

  1. Going for a long walk in the middle of a sunny day listening to my YouTube favorites list
  2. Eating a bacon-topped pizza while watching Iron Fist
  3. Playing as my all-time favorite character, Roadhog, on a video game called “Overwatch”
  4. Rhyming and freestyle rapping when I am by myself
  5. Going to my G.E.D. classes to learn how to write an essay from my favorite teacher, Mrs. Buccigross
  6. Going out for a walk and hanging with Giovanni, Sammy, Brian, Wyatt and Mauricio in the summer
  7. Writing short stories and fan fiction in my personal journal, which is black leather with a metal plate strap imprinted with my name
  8. Talking with Giovanni and my cousin Britt on working with my inner anger with the world and life I have
  9. Going on an app called Webtoon and reading “unOrdinary” or “Soul Cartel”
  10. Meditating out in the backyard in a cool gentle breeze on a sunny…

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