Spring 2018 Writing Contest

Spring 2018 Writing Contest

It’s time to vote for the winner in Yavapai College Adult Education’s annual spring writing contest! This year’s theme was “An American Journal”

Students were asked to write a fictional journal entry or letter from the perspective of an American historical figure of their choice.

We’ve had so many great entries, it’s been a real challenge to narrow it down to these finalists from each participating class.

We hope that you’ll read each entry and show our students your support by giving a “like” to the ones you enjoy! Every “like” counts as a vote in favor of that entry.

Disclaimer: This journal entry is a work of fiction based on a true event. It was written by an adult education student who researched the life of this American hero and put themselves in their shoes in order to help bring history to life.

The grand prize winner will receive a full GED scholarship!



From the Diary of Susan B. Anthony

From the Diary of Susan B. Anthony

An American Journal Writing Contest: Entry 1

November 5th, 1872

I am appalled! I was arrested today, and charged a $100 fine. My crime? I simply wanted to vote for America’s next president. We of the women’s movements have been making monumental strides, but it’s just not enough. Women are still being oppressed. We are still being told to keep silent. That our voices don’t matter. Now, more than ever, we need to prove them wrong. We need to raise our voices and be heard. We need to have more professions that are welcoming to women. We need to make them understand that we are human beings, with human rights. It’s not getting through to them. All I wanted, was to have a say in who runs my country. I am not the only one who wants her voice heard. No longer will we be submissive to men. No longer will we be second-tier American citizens, simply because we are women. This is the time to raise our voices and demand respect! We will succeed. We will prevail.


Written by: B. Sincleair
Disclaimer: This journal entry is a work of fiction based on a true event. It was written by an adult education student who researched the life of this American hero and put themselves in their shoes in order to help bring history to life.
Image Credit: By G.E. Perine (History of Woman Suffrage) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Cherish Not Perish

Cherish Not Perish

Whats with the subliminal resources

Completely lost with unforgiven chambers

You will perish as we go through our courses

As you go about with evil gamblers

Life itself is nowhere

To be found

Truth is here so they

Send the hounds

Everyone is dead while they cherish


Everything is beyond reality

Knowing it is a ticket

To the upstairs where we find Everywhere

No such thing as pain

Spirits instead of my brain

The Good have worked beyond chores

So we all know the poor

Thanks to War, Death, and Dead

We know to listen to our Family and Friends

by Hayden Lamb


Photo Credit: America by Thomas Hawk on Flickr; used under Creative Commons License.

My Great Uncle James       

My Great Uncle James       

From the first time you ever set eyes on me, to when I was a little girl who used to sit on your knee, to that wonderful laugh you always gave and that gleam  in your eyes that over the years I’ve watched fade, you’ve shared your home, your heart, your everything. When I ran away as a child, needed a cigarette and a smile you you never turned me away, even as your dark hour came nearer I knew you would always be there,and when you finally needed me I helped with the best of me, trying to keep that wonderful smile and rewarding laugh, spirits high and peace of mind I’m glad that I got to say “good bye” with a kiss on the check and an “I love you”, even though you were lost I knew you knew me then too.

by Ashley Hensley


Photo Credit: Family by Kat Grigg on Flickr; used on Creative Commons license.

Lucky Number?

Did you ever wonder what happens when math teachers try to write poetry? Wonder no more! Lucky Number? Seven isn’t my lucky number. Seven is complicated, undisciplined, impossible to predict. Now ten, ten is mannerly and meek, Sweet home-schooled child of the number family. Ten perches properly in his seat, with one hand aloft, […]

via Lucky Number? — A Softer Shade of Red

Things Alyssa Wohlwend Likes

Things Alyssa Wohlwend Likes

And a third student from Prescott Valley got her list-poem published! Congrats to Alyssa!

Things We Like

  1. Seeing improvement in the children’s play I am directing
  2. The satisfied feeling when I finish editing the last photo from a long photo shoot
  3. Seeing my new white Toyota Camry, all shiny and clean, parked in my dirt driveway
  4. The smell of rain mixed with dirt when you step outside on a monsoon evening
  5. The sound of coffee brewing as I wake up in the morning
  6. The wind in my face during a brisk walk on a bright, sunny spring day!
  7. Listening to my favorite singer, Ernie Haase, as I get ready for the day
  8. The peace and joy that is felt in presence of God during a worship service on a Sunday morning in church
  9. Curling up with a soft blanket and cup of hot chocolate on a cloudy and stormy day
  10. The excitement and anticipation leading up to my first elk hunt this fall

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And the Winner is…..

And the Winner is…..

Our students were asked to write on the college’s respect writing prompt for this semester’s competition. Ten students entered their final drafts into the contest and the results are in.

Drum roll, please!

The winners of the Yavapai College Adult Education Spring 2017 Writing Contest are:

3rd Place: Respect and the Individual by Alyssa Wohlwend, Prescott Valley

2nd Place: What Does it Mean to Have Respect? by Tonatiuh Malanos-Rodriguez, Verde Valley


the first place Essay, winning a full GED scholarship is…

See Me by Rose Vasquez, Prescott!

Congratulations, Rose, and a big thank you to all who participated!


Photo Credit: Congratulations! by nutmeg66 on Flickr; used under Creative Commons License.