From the first time you ever set eyes on me, to when I was a little girl who used to sit on your knee, to that wonderful laugh you always gave and that gleam  in your eyes that over the years I’ve watched fade, you’ve shared your home, your heart, your everything. When I ran away as a child, needed a cigarette and a smile you you never turned me away, even as your dark hour came nearer I knew you would always be there,and when you finally needed me I helped with the best of me, trying to keep that wonderful smile and rewarding laugh, spirits high and peace of mind I’m glad that I got to say “good bye” with a kiss on the check and an “I love you”, even though you were lost I knew you knew me then too.

by Ashley Hensley


Photo Credit: Family by Kat Grigg on Flickr; used on Creative Commons license.

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