Respect is something that so many people in this country have forgotten about, or have been

completely careless to care about.  Our country was founded on respect and freedom to be who we

choose to be. With the freedom we have should come great respect. Freedom is all about being who

you are no matter what race, enthic, language, cultural group, religion or political stance. We should

look at people the way our Fore-Fathers viewed them. That is as people who have the right to be who

they choose. Skin color or race should not define a person’s character or soul. Who are we to judge

them when the truth is their soul is just as precious as ours. We should respect others around us the

way we want to be respected.

Respect is looking at a person with a humble heart and realizing “ I am no better than them.”

It’s realizing the own flaws about ourselves before we are so quick to point out flaws in others.  Every

human being on the planet is so unique in their own way. What if everyone started looking and

observing people for who they are as a person., instead of judging them by outer appearance or what

they stand for? Sure we might not always see eye to eye with others but we should respect them

enough to realize they have the right to be them, the same right I have to be me. Look at yourself first

, examine your own heart, and realize you to have the right to be you choose so go and respect others

because they have the right to be who they are.

By, Amara Mitea


Photo Credit: respect by Patrick Marione on Flickr; used under Creative Commons license.


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