Hi my name’s Ashlee and I’m going to tell you what respect means to me. There are different types of respect there’s envy respect which is you look up to the person or envy them. There’s fear respect where you fear the person so you respect them and there genuine respect where you value someone and their opinions. So respect to me comes in all shapes and forms to one another. You are responsible for yourself and only yourself as a person. A person has to have respect for themselves in order to have respect for someone else. Although you disagree with someone if you have respect for yourself you can disagree with someone and continue to be cordial with them. For example if you were raised in an abusive house and you grew up with your mother who was an addict and father was an alcoholic they always fought and put you in the middle of it. Mother always misplaced her things and then accused you of stealing those things and when she found them never apologized to you for accusing you. You lose a lot or respect for your mom. Your fathers an alcoholic that left his family since your mothers crazy! You don’t talk to him for years and when you do he tries to tell you how to live your life you’re not going to listen to him since he left. You have so much built up resentments toward him! Your mom your entire life said he didn’t want anything to do with you but that’s not the case he wanted nothing to do with her and she wouldn’t let him see you. That being you decide to give him respect for trying and making the effort now that your old enough to understand. Respect isn’t given its earned!  You have to learn to respect and love yourself before you can respect anyone else. Everyone has their own beliefs and respect is different for everyone this is what respect is to me. Thank you for taking the time to read this have a great day!


Photo Credit: Respect by Andra Brinzaniuc on Flickr; used under Creative Commons license.




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