Respect is something we need more of in this world and treat others how we would like to be treated. 

No matter where we come from , what our skin color is or what Religion we are. 

Because that is what makes us different but not less or more than others.

Some people think that they are better or are worth more than others just because of their skin color or Religion.

But that is not true , the color of our skin does not determine if you are a good or bad person.

if more people understood this and were more tolerant of our differences we would have more peace in this world.

I worry that my daughters will grow up in a world with little or no respect for others, that they are judged by their skin color or their language a world where people hear you speak a different language and say to you “speak English you are in America.

As if you don’t have the right to speak whatever language you want, as if it was a bad thing.

When I know that far from being something wrong or bad is actually something really good the more languages you know you can communicate with more people from all over the world.

I truly hope we all see each other as equals and start to respect others, so we can have a better world for the good of all of us and our future generations.


Photo Credit: Respect by millr on Flickr; used by Creative Commons license.


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