Choosing Your Words Wisely: A Haiku Contest

Words are powerful things. They can be used to commend, encourage, enrage, or sway. A master of language, a wordsmith, can wield words in such a way as to bring down walls and bridge gaps.

In order to foster these skills in our students, we are launching our blog with a wriPeterM-Feather-2ting contest for our GED students. The grand prize winner will receive a scholarship to cover the cost of their exams.

What better way than to get a taste of how powerful a few words can be than by an exploration of Haiku poetry. This semester in the Yavapai College Adult Education
program we did just that. After learning about the difference between active and passive verbs, and using strong words to make our writing more effective, each student from six GED preparatory classes tried their hand at writing a haiku. (Even some of our instructors got into the spirit!) Then, each class voted for their favorite three poems to enter in the contest. The semi-finalists from each class will be posted on this blog so that you can read them and vote for your favorites. Each “like” counts as a vote.

Happy reading and may the best wordsmith win!





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